Albarrán Cabrera – Remembering the Future

Vernissage 1. März ab 18.30 Uhr

The artistic duo Angel Albarran and Anna Cabrera (both born 1969 in Spain) have spent a lot of time in Japan, and their travels to the country have strongly influenced the aesthetic content of their work and the printing techniques they use. They use a wide range of processes and materials and handcraft their prints using classic printing methods, such as platinum and silver halide, or invent new ones, such es pigment prints on gold leaves. They create copies that are unique in themselves. The poetic and sensual nature of these prints is proof of an unrivaled alley craftsmanship.

«We are our memories. They define what and who we are and help us to understand our reality. When we remember, we do not simply recall a perfect representation of the past. We reconstruct our memories based on a set of things that happened, combined with what we perceived and imagined. Consequently, each time we recall an event, we change it. We construct a skeleton with the most important facts and fill in the gaps with our imaginations. Thinking about the future is one of the main characteristics of being human. We visualize the future: imagining what will happen and how we’ll react. When we think about the future, we do the same mental work as when we remember. We just remember a future that has not happened yet. The two activities, remembering the past and remembering the future, are deeply connected and never stop. We perform these activities throughout our lives, in a more or less conscious way, in order to define ourselves and to understand our world. 

Memories are the leitmotif that runs through all our photographic work. They help us to define our identity; and thinking about the past and the future when organizing our memories is how we perceive the passing of time. What is more, we believe that this ability to remember is not only confined to human beings. Since the beginning of time, and even before that, Earth has also been storing its own memories of everything that has happened since time began.» 

Albarran Cabrera, Barcelona 2017




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