Bruno Augsburger – Out There

November 2013 - February 2014


How much equipment does a man need when he’s far away from civilization? How do you coax a bull moose to come closer? Or sleep out in the open at minus 30 degrees Celsius?


In the endless wastes of northern Canada, Bruno Augsburger finds what he seeks in his photography: authenticity. And answers to the question as to what Nature could mean for the modern world.


Photographers often idealize landscapes. Or dramatize them in times of climate change. Bruno Augsburger is different. He is a nomad, the camera his silent companion as he wanders through forests for days on end, or spends the night in snowdrifts. Capturing what happens between the wilderness and the civilized human being, whether it’s warming himself by the fire, catching a trout, or hunting.


His experiences result in images from archaic worlds that Augsburger loves but does not romanticize. They are never prescriptive, speak a clear language, and take their life from their mute poignancy.


Bruno Augsburger’s work includes commissions for various publications and international corporate clients. His freelance work has been shown in exhibitions in Zurich, Berlin and London, among others. Whether he’s shooting furniture for the USM campaign, creating a portrait of artist Hans Danuser for the DU arts magazine, or making pictures of a sleeping husky in the middle of nowhere, the approach is always the same: Augsburger gives his subjects the space they need. He shows what is. His pictures are designed neither to please nor to fool anyone. Their frank honesty is what sets his photography apart.


Bruno Augsburgers photographs can also be purchased independently of the exhibition. 


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