Gian Paul Lozza – Somnium

September 4 until Oktober 24, 2014

The works from Gian Paul Lozza’s «Somnium» series play directly with the viewer’s cultural reservoir – the intersubjective storehouse of images and stories that has developed in popular culture. «This is a journey into the depths of the human psyche», says Gian Paul Lozza. «It is dark and melancholy there. The viewer is abandoned to himself. The film of internal images takes him captive and leads him into unknown recesses of his consciousness».

Lozza also calls his landscape photographs «Metascapes», providing a further allusion to a cultural-historical reference system that includes the landscape painting of the 19th century. Lozza photographs exclusively at night in order to focus in on the structural visual objects. The colours therefore generate apallid impression that leads to a painterly haziness. Associations are generated here to the imposing, almost abstract evening pictures of the Romantic William Turner, whose engagement with landscape has permanently changed how we represent the experience of nature. Gian Paul Lozza’s enigmatic visual worlds also involve changes in perception: his unpopulated landscapes certainly flirt with the concept of beauty but they insistently demand an engagement both with immediately existing realities and with photographic and cultural realities.


Christoph Doswald, Art critic and curator