Hans Peter Riegel – Some Pieces

April 3 – June 30, 2014

«Hans Peter Riegel is familiar to a wide public as the biographer of two luminaries of the German art world, Joseph Beuys and Jörg Immendorff. In this exhibition, part of his photographic œuvre is unveiled for the first time. The starting point of the display, which comprises around 50 works, is a convolution of several thousand pictures that Riegel has produced over the past 30 years but never shown.

Hans Peter Riegel’s photographs make use of singular and unconventional methods to home in on photography’s much-vaunted moment décisif. In his case, the decisive moment not only assumes a cognitive dimension but can also be understood as a coincidental quality.

His visual material is often processed using the random nature of chemical reactions and is void of human beings. It depicts poetic visual worlds with artificial coloration, mysterious markings and traces of destructive manipulation. The artist employs often-violent means to address this material and make it his own.

At the end of this multi-layered process, we are left with images of obscurity: images which, despite their alternative-world character, do not deny their own provenance; biographical moments that synthesize a critical mass of decisive moments within themselves.»


Christoph Doswald, Art critic and curator


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