Robert Boesch – From The Mountains of Graubuenden

Exhibition from November 18, 2016 until February 4, 2017

«What Robert Boesch has captured in his black-and-white and coloured pictures appears timeless: it is a form of beauty that is at once both as old as the hills and very young. But it is also, primarily, a beauty that exists without human beings. The photographer had as little interest in documenting all the peaks in Graubuenden as in recording the weather in all its countless facets. In his work, Robert Boesch was in search of something more existential, something that could actually be found anywhere. But despite – or perhaps as another aspect of – their overwhelming beauty, the mountains can be merciless. And because of this, the things we consider important to our lives reveal themselves with greater speed and clarity. The tension generated between the mountain landscape’s irresistible pull and the dangers it holds enhances the effect. Robert Boesch tackled this tension head on. In his search for motifs subjects packed with essential meaning, he hiked and climbed in the mountains of Graubuenden, sat and waited on peaks, exposed to whatever the elements might bring. He observed the landscape and the light, reacting to it but allowing himself to be guided by the moment. As a photographer, he was always part of the landscape. And in this way, he captured everything that moved him – both literally and metaphorically – with his camera.»


Nadine Olonetzky
(Extract from
«A timeless beauty»)


In October 2016, NZZ Libro published the book «From the Mountains of Graubuenden»: cloth bound, 208 pages and 100 large-format illustrations, with contributions by Nadine Olonetzky and Robert Boesch.

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