Robert Bösch – Mountains

The exhibition is extended until
end of February 2019



Robert Bösch presented his life's alpine work with his book "Mountains" and the exhibition "The Image of the Mountain". It is an impressive compilation of landscape, mountain and sports photography. As mountaineer, Robert Bösch has traveled to all seven continents, and as a photographer, has documented the most renowned people from the world of mountaineering, including his friend, the late Ueli Steck. The results are breathtaking sports and landscape images, which reflect the profound beauty and solitude that surrounds all those who move amongst the grandiosity of the mountains. 


"Very few people possess the gift to work within the sublime ranges of the mountains and relate their activities to these alpine regions. But Robert Bösch is one of them. Perhaps, he is even the most encompassing. He immerses himself as a mountaineer in the Eiger north face, as climber in the "Shield" at El Cap, and as high-altitude alpinist in the death zone of the Himalayas. He returns with his image of the mountains--looking at his photographs, I get the sense that the Weltgeist has caught us indulging in our passion." 
Reinhold Messner



"For me, landscape photography is the art of seeing images. After all, we don't normally see images, we see the everything. While a painter fills his frame with paint, turning it slowly into a picture, I do the opposite as a photographer when creating an image: I omit. The moment I release the shutter, the image is cut from the world. Images stand for themselves and are interesting for that reason, because the don't show everything else nor do they represent what has also been--around, before and after. Only this 'resect-from-the-world' makes a photograph unique. Landscape images are like quotes taken out of context." 
Robert Bösch


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