Closing Saturday May 6 from 11am – 4pm


The TRANSLOCALS exhibition is a series of inside views of historic and modern boxes of which Sinje Dillenkofer took photographs in private and public collections or museum archives, among them the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Her main interest is of empty containers, étuis, caskets or cases and their various lines, forms, constructions and imprints in lid and bottom - the «architectures of the archive». The photographs appear abstract as autonomous pictures in which time and the past become visible. The lines and shapes emerge because precious items such as scientific instruments, jewellery or articles for everyday use have been protected and archived. The objects themselves do not appear in the pictures, but are present through the negative form of the upholstered hollow space. Their impression allows the photographs to assume a painterly quality, a poetic life of their own. 

As TRANSLOCALS, the photographs transfer the objects places from the archive to the Fine Art context.


This results in a change of paradigms and perspectives that permits viewers, depending on their cultural background and experiences, to perceive things in new ways. The series is about switching «views» and «places» about the attempt to «relocate» a person and his or her understanding of culture and about analysing the significance of archive and the culture of memory.


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