Hans Peter Riegel







Hans Peter Riegel is publicly known primarily as an author. His 2013 published biography of the artist Joseph Beuys gained much attention and is now one of the most discussed books of its kind in the younger history of German literature.

Little known so far is the extensive photographic work of Hans Peter Riegel. During his photography studies he portrayed artists as he interviewed them for a city magazine. It was the famous German painter Jörg Immendorff, who recognized the talent of the young photographer. He hired Riegel as assistant and photographic documentarist. Later Riegel wrote a biography on Immendorff. Riegel was not even twenty years old when the first his photographs appeared in art magazines and feature articles. Even during his career as an art director, among others for the legendary Swiss advertising agency GGK, the camera never went out of his hand and he photographed for campaigns or publications.

At an early stage Riegel concentrated on photography with small, technically simple snapshot cameras, he carried with him with constantly. Riegel transforms his random, laconic snapshots into a stylistic principle, to the complete abandonment of photographic directory. One could also speak of a deconstruction of photography, with which Riegel moves on the border of photography and conceptual art.



2016 People and things, Galerie Pavlovs Dog, Berlin, solo exhibition
2015 DIAMOND IS NO CRASH - Galerlie Isabelle Gabrijel, Berlin
2014 Edition No 1 - Pavlovs Dog Galerie, Berlin
2014 Some Pieces - Fotografische Arbeiten, Galerie Bildhalle, Kilcherg/Zürich
2013 Beuysland - Foto Dokumentation, Art Directors Club, Zürich
2008 Flickering Subjects VI, Do you eat - Kaskadenkondensator, Basel
2007 Funny Subjects, Galerie Brot und Spiele, Berlin
2007 Aggression - Flickering Subjects V, Kunsthalle Winterthur, Winterthur
2007 Flickering Subjects III - Tweakfest Festival, Zürich
2007 Flickering Subjects II - Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
2007 Flickering Subjects I - Augenzeugen, Pfäffikon
2006 Draw Subjects - Galerie Plattform 11, Zürich
2005 Incredible Subjects I - Galerie Plattform 11, Zürich
2004 Female Subjects - Galerie Plattform 11, Zürich
2003 Second Pack, T2 Maag Areal, Zürich

Selected publications

Beuys – Die Biographie, Berlin 2013
Immendorff – Die Biographie, Berlin 2010
Inside Immendorff, Photographs and Documents, Berlin 2010
2010, Photographs, Zurich 2010
Flickering Subjects, SIS.TM-Project, Texts, Zurich 2006
FF bringts – V, Duesseldorf, 1995
FF bringts – IV, with Jörg Immendorff, Hamburg 1986
FF bringts – III, with Jörg Immendorff, Duesseldorf 1985
FF bringts – II, with Jörg Immendorff, Duesseldorf 1984
FF bringts – I, with Jörg Immendorff, Munich 1983

Selected films

Do you eat, Video, 30 min, 2008
Funny Subjects, SIS.TM-Project, Video, 60 min, 2007
Flickering Subjects III, SIS.TM-Project, Video, 480 min, 2006
Flickering Subjects II, SIS.TM-Project, Video, 60 min, 2005
Flickering Subjects I, SIS.TM-Project, Video, 60 min, 2004
Rejected Pieces, Video, 30 Min, 2003
Weltfrage Brandenburger Tor, Documentary Video, 45 min, 1983