Paul Cupido (*1972, NL)

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Paul Cupido’s work is a deeply personal exploration of the human quest for inner peace, a quest that is taken in the knowledge that quiet resignation is so often followed by renewed turmoil. Faced with life and all its paradoxes, Cupido searches for beauty in the transient. His diverse and interwoven artistic processes, characterize a versatile approach to photography and other media.

«I was born on Terschelling, a small island where nature and the elements reign. Our way of life is strongly dependant on the cycle and rhythm of the seasons, the movement of the tides, and the phases of the moon. While human life is fleeting, our individual lives are a rich tapestry of experiences and memories. My photography captures the magic of life, as well as its disappointments. Each significant event, mistake and lost love, leaves its mark in our memories, and shapes our characters in ways that either grow and dominate, or fade and ultimately disappear. But overshadowing this richness of experience is the reality that human life, like all life, is finite. In my work, I seek to highlight this inherent vulnerability, but also celebrate how we can find solace in (re)building and sustaining our relationship with nature. We are intricately and intrinsically bound by, and woven into, the very fabric of our environment. We too rise, blossom, grow and fade as the days and seasons pass. Every step I take begins with the notion of ‘mono no aware’: the impermanence of life, and the gentle melancholy that this realisation awakens. My ultimate desire in taking photos is to become so immersed in the existential exploration of life, that I forget the process of photography entirely.»
Paul Cupido

«Surrounded by the endlessly rich and complex organism that is the Amazon, I began to reconnect with a more primal life balance, and appreciate ever more strongly that everything is connected and interdependent. I started to play freely again like a child, or a Homo Ludens. In the moonlight I photographed a balloon, which became a symbol for the moon, balancing at the tipping point of the earth's demise.
Back home, distressed by news of growing threats to the Amazon, I felt compelled to mirror those stories by inflicting similar violence on my photographs, cutting and burning through my images, and dousing them with black ink. The works from the series «Amazonia» are part of an ongoing visual study, exploring the destructive Anthropocene age, and the search for solace in primal experiences.»

Paul Cupido, Project «Amazonia»