Albarrán Cabrera (*1969 ESP)




The artistic duo Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera (both born 1969, based in Barcelona) have spent a lot of time in Japan, and their travels to the country have strongly influenced the aesthetic content of their work and the printing techniques they use.


The question running like a thread throughout their work is how images trigger individual memories in the viewer. Depending on their social and cultural backgrounds and on their personal experience, viewers perceive images in completely different ways. Albarrán Cabrera see their photographs as objects in their own right: they handcraft their prints using classic printing methods, such as platinum and silver halide, or invent new ones, such as pigment prints on gold leaves, create copies that are unique in themselves. The poetic and sensual nature of these prints is proof of an unrivalled craftsmanship.


«We are particularly interested in memories. Our aim is to play with viewers’ memories and to construct a representation inside their minds. We never know what the final result will be, because individuals have their own exclusive memories and have grown up in different cultures and environments. Our images are the bare bones of this mental construction.


When we think of a photograph, we think of a real event. We think we are looking at something that really happened, despite knowing that images are constantly manipulated. ‘If it’s in a photograph, it’s real’. This fact gives you the ability to explain concepts that are difficult to explain in any other language. There is a gap between reality and what we understand as real. And photography (as Japanese dramatist Chikamatsu once said about art) lies on the frontier between the real and the unreal, the true and the false. Photography helps us to ‘see’ what is hidden from us.


We use a wide range of processes and materials. Some of these processes result from combining several traditional photographic processes, or they may be a mixture of new and old ones, but they all serve a single purpose: to give us far more parameters to play with the viewer’s imagination than a mere image. The texture, colour, finishing, tones – even the border – of a print can provide the viewer with valuable information.»

Albarrán Cabrera, Barcelona 2017


Solo exhibitions (selection)

  • «The mouth of Krishna», «This is you», «Kairos», Unseen 2016
  • «Why all the time», Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona, Spain, 2016
  • «This is you», Kochuten Gallery, Japan, 2016
  • «The Mouth of Krishna», «This is you», Unseen 2015
  • «The Mouth of Krishna», Photomed Festival, Lebanon, 2015
  • «The Mouth of Krishna», Kochuten Gallery, Japan, 2014


  • Finalists in Kyoto at the Hariban Award 2015 with the portfolio of «The Mouth of Krishna»
  • Finalists in Tokyo at the International Photography Festival 2014 2015 with the portfolio of «This is you» (I have Photos therefore I am) portfolio